Below are the most popular basic Designs. We can create any of the standard styles to almost any small box Dimensions you require.

Unibody Design Box
  • Most Economical Design
  • Fold into themselves, so there is no gluing required
  • Takes less space, store flat and assemble just before use.
  • Application: Business Cards, Jewellery, giftware etc

Side Seam Design Box
  • Most common box for small products, promotions and samples
  • Top & bottom Flaps fold in
  • Can be square or longitudinal
  • Application: Mugs, Toys, giftware, Photos, Photo Frames etc

Top & Bottom Design Box
  • Expandable size. Sometimes called stationery Boxes.
  • Applications: Good for use as sheets or layered items which are used some at a time packaged invitations which are used some at a time. Option of printing top only, or matching top & bottom set.

Package Envelope
  • more durable than conventional envelopes.
  • made with Card board, usually with self seal flaps.
  • Applications: Ideal for CD, Discs or small flat parts, good for sending items by Mail.

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